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We're Moving!

Posted by ShowcaseComicsandGames on August 23, 2014 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)



Our Granite Run location will be pulling up stakes and relocating to the mystical land of Swarthmore.


We will be closing our doors in the Granite Run mall for the final time on 27 September and reopening at our new location on 1 October.


Our new address will be:

631 South Chester Road

Swarthmore, Pennsylvania


500 items up for auction, including lots of scenery

Posted by ShowcaseComicsandGames on August 20, 2014 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, last auction at this store anyway. With them tearing down the mall at the end of the year, we'll be moving down the road a bit to Swarthmore, PA and be in the new store by the time the next auction rolls around.

But that means this one will be huge. Not only have we had hundreds of boxes and bags of used games and miniatures pouring in, but the store will be getting rid of lots of old scenery and gaming tables that fill out back rooms. having 1500 square feet of storage was great, but we won't have it at the new store. So a lot of stuff from old Games Day displays, gaming tables, and boxes of scenery need to find new homes.


Generally I cap our auctions at about 400 lots. For this one, we are going for broke. We are up over the 400 mark already, plus all the stuff the store needs to move, and more stuff is pouring in. So this will be a big one.


The auction is held at our store in the GR mall on August 24th. Viewing opens at 11 a.m. Bidding starts at noon

Showcase Comics

Granite Run Mall, 1067 W. Baltimore Pike, Media PA. 19063



How it works:

-All the miniatures, rule books, model kits, scenery, and board games are organized into lots, and put in bags or boxes with a lot number. The start of this list is posted below. On the day of the auction you can show up and take a look first hand at what is for sale. It will all be out on tables for viewing from 11am until noon.

-At noon I'll start auctioning off the lots, usually starting with the better items. There is no minimum bid! We start at a dollar and go up from there. Everything goes at bargain prices decided by the crowd.

-We pause once an hour to catch our breath, grab coffee, and let bidders purchase the items that have built up.

-Towards the end, we ask bidders to pile up the items they'd like to see go in the next round.

-After a couple of more rounds of this, we go into the "buy it now"rounds. I start off at 20.00 for anything left. Grab what you want and bring it up to the counter. After a few minutes start the next round at 15.00. Then 10 bucks, 5, 3, 2 and finally whats left is 1 buck per lot. Everything goes!


There is still time to put your items into the auction, but do it now rather than later. I have to close the auction towards the end to get the booklets printed up.


Here's the first 414 lots:

lot # Description

1 Attack! Boardgame

2 Axis and Allies D-Day boardgame

3 1815 Armies du Nord boardgame

4 Memoir '44 boardgame

5 Attack in the Ardennes boardgame

6 We the People boardgame

7 Breakout! Normandy boardgame

8 Sushi – Jalopeno war boardgame

9 Ancients boardgame

10 Give me Liberty boardgame

11 Brittania boardgame

12 Deadlands Railwars miniature game

13 Napolean in Europe boardgame

14 Tide of Iron boardgame

15 Soldier King boardgame

16 trees for making scenery, 2 bags

17 old Warzone models

18 Original metal Eldar Pirates x10

19 Original metal Eldar Pirates x6

20 Eldar Dark Reapers, metal, x3

21 original Ogryn model

22 Tyranid Bio Titans for Epic, x4

23 Epic Eldar Warlock Titan

24 Imperial Assassin

25 Squat Thud Guns with crew, x2

26 GW boardgames: Horus Heresy, Doom of the Eldar, Armageddon

27 Huge bag of old tyranid models

28 Eldar Harlequins, original models, metal, x18

29 Imperator Titan from Titan Legions

30 Megagargantsx2 from Titan Legions

31 Epic/Titan Legions rules and cards

32 40k scenery

33 6-10mm scenery

34 bag of small craters

35 Large collection of painted but abused LOTR

36 Kings of War starter box

37 Canis Wolfbane

38 Chaos Knights x5 and mounted lord

39 Chaos Warriors x10

40 Chaos Marauder horsemen x5

41 Black Templars x10

42 Black Templars x10

43 Black Templars x10

44 Black Templars x10

45 Black Templars x10

46 Black Templars x10

47 Black Templars x10

48 Necron Monolith, assembled and painted

49 Necron Monolith, assembled and painted

50 Massive Bitz Bag

51 Massive Bitz Bag

52 Massive Bitz Bag

53 Winged Chaos Sorcerer

54 Flying bases

55 Massive Bitz Bag

56 Forgeworld spaced armor for a Landraider

57 Harbinger of Memnoth conversion to Demon Prince

58 Tyranid Scenery

59 High Elves

60 Warzone models

61 Teutogen Guard command

62 Fallen Angels

63 Demon Prince

64 Trollslayers, metal, x20

65 Chaos Lord on Juggernaut

66 LOTR hight elves

67 Tyranid Bitz Bag

68 Bag of Termagaunts

69 Space Marine Commanders x4

70 Bag of converted mordheim witchhunters

71 Space Marine Scouts

72 Limited Edition Space Marine Captain with Thunder Hammer

73 metal bloodletters x4

74 Forgeworld Black Templar Rhino doors

75 Imperial Guard backpacks and parachutes

76 Bag of Genestealers

77 Tyranid Lictors

78 Large Treebeard Model

79 Space Marine jumpacks x15

80 Movemnt trays

81 Decals

82 Genestealers

83 Genestealers

84 Genestealers

85 Space wolf characters x2

86 Tyranid Bitz Bag

87 Space Marine Captian

88 Space marines x5

89 World War II model kits x3

90 Drop Pod

91 Old Tyranid Codex

92 Carnifex

93 Carnifex

94 Drop Pod

95 Apocalypse Backpack

96 Land Raider Redeemer with FW doors

97 ForgeWorld Valkrie

98 Noise Marine tank with built in sound system

99 Scratchbuilt Ork Tank

100 Custom Spartan Themed Space Marine army with 45 models

101 Warzone models

102 Box of Scenery

103 Huge box of Sprues

104 Figure case

105 Figure case

106 Figure case

107 Bag of odd bitz

108 Assault Terminator Box

109 Space Marine Commander box

110 Assault Marine Box

111 Space Marine Scouts

112 Terminator Box

113 Tactical Squad Box

114 Space Marine bitz

115 Black Templar upgrade box

116 Space Marines bag

117 Razorback

118 Forgeworld Black Templar storm shields

119 Templates

120 Apocalypse and Apoc Reloaded books

121 Imperial Armor Apocalypse 2nd editon

122 17 issues of Inferno magazine

123 4 issues of Citadel journal

124 Index Astartes Volumes 1 to 4

125 Out of Print 40k Codices x5

126 Out of Print WFB Army books

127 Out of Print WFB Army books

128 Out of Print WFB Army books

129 Vortex Grenade figure case

130 Large GW figure case

131 Large GW figure case

132 Large GW figure case

133 GW Figure case

134 GW Figure case

135 GW Figure case

136 GW Figure case

137 GW Figure case

138 GW Figure case

139 Huge collection of old White Dwarfs (3 boxes)

140 Vortex Grenade template

141 Limited Edition model, Pirate White Dwarf

142 Storm of Magic Templates

143 BFG ork ships

144 Lizardman character Tehenhavin

145 Dark Elf Dread Lord

146 Chaos Marine Bike

147 Limited Edition Ogre Bruiser

148 Forgeworld Chaos Dreadnaut Chainfists (pair)

149 Forgeworld Chaos Dreadnaut Chainfists (pair)

150 Forgeworld Chaos Dreadnaut Chainfists (pair)

151 Space Marine Bikes x3

152 Exalted Seeker Chariot Box

153 High Elf Silverhelms

154 Old style cauldron of blood

155 Basilica Administratum box

156 Chaos Demons Battleforce box

157 Chaos Demons Battleforce box

158 Magewraith Throne box

159 Bronzinios Gallaper gun box

160 Thanquol and Boneripper

161 Space Wolf Terminator

162 Blood Bowl Boxed set

163 Triumph and Treachery WFB expansion

164 Warhammer Limited Edition bag and templates

165 Champions of Chaos book

166 Warmaster 2002 annual

167 Inquisitor Rulebook

168 Dogs of War army book

169 Blood Bowl Companion

170 Crusade of Fire

171 Codex Black Legion

172 Death from the Skies

173 Planet Strike

174 Codex Eldar

175 Codex Dark Angels

176 Codex Chaos Space Marines

177 Codex Space Marines

178 City Fight

179 Codex Necrons

180 Warhammer Annual 2002

181 Necromunda: Outlanders

182 Bloodbowl Handbook

183 Warhammer Seige

184 Warhammer Chronicles 2004

185 Storm of Chaos

186 Storm of Chaos

187 Darkness Rising

188 IA Aeronautica

189 Emperors Will artbook

190 Emperors Might artbook

191 Art of Warhammer

192 Units and Heraldry of the High Elves

193 Horis Heresy Vol. 1 artbook

194 Horis Heresy Vol 4 artbook

195 Gothic and Eldrich Artbook

196 Insignium Astartes artbook

197 Face of Battle Artbook

198 Large box of models , bitz, and sprues

199 WM: Sorscha

200 WM: Magehunter Strikeforce

201 WM: Magehunter Strikeforce

202 WM: Heavy Myrmidon

203 Darklands blisters x2

204 WM: Retribution Battlegroup

205 WM: Everblight Archangel

206 FOW: German FJ platoon

207 FOW: panzer 4-H platoon

208 FOW: 101st airborne dice and token set

209 FOW: 101st airborne dice and token set

210 FOW: Red devils dice and token set

211 High elf shadow warriors

212 Six, yes SIX! Flames of War JagdTigers

213 FOW: 7th armored division tank company

214 Dragonforge Stormtroopers

215 FOW: Aufklerung platoons x2

216 Malifaux models

217 LOTR: Galadrim and Haldor

218 FOW: Easty Co. and Market Garden para blisters

219 40k 6th edition, LE gaming satchel

220 FOW: multiple sets of US models from the starter box

221 Brettonian Men at Arms box

222 Dreamforge support weapons box

223 Khador War Dog solo

224 BSG Pegasus Model Kig

225 Sylywyshaalyrn, The Seeker

226 WM: Circle of Oroboros Reeves

227 Muskes and tomahawks British Wilderness Force

228 Infinity Templates and 9th Wolver mini

229 Empire Flagellants box

230 Reaper miniatures x2

231 Bag of Cthulu

232 Quake Cannon craters

233 Horus Heresy: betrayer novel

234 Angel Exterminatus novel

235 Blood of Asaherm HC

236 Traitor General HC

237 His Last Command HC

238 Double Eagle HC

239 Path of the Warrior sc

240 Crusade for Armageddon sc

241 Dark Adeptus sc

242 Kromlech legionaires leg biz pack

243 Velociraptor model kit

244 Xmen Storm model kit

245 Gettysburg Diorama model kit

246 Large bag of Warzone miniatures

247 Big box of fantasy figures, lots of amazons

248 Large bag of misc figures

249 50+ Painted grenedier Dwarves on GW bases

250 Eldear harlequines, nicely painted, x20

251 Painted Dwarves, x30

252 Painted Goblin archers

253 Orcs, painted

254 Dwarf Bear Calvary

255 Eldar Firedragons, painted, x5

256 eldar Firedragons, painted, x5

257 Eldar Firedragons, painted, x5

258 Bag of Warzone models

259 Dwarves, painted, x20

260 Catapults x3

261 Eldar Firedragons, painted, x5

262 metal terminators

263 Grenedier War Giant, painted

264 Eldar metal guardians, painted, x20

265 classic metal GW dwarves, x14

266 dwarfs, painted, x6

267 Dark elf spearmen

268 Warzone models, painted

269 metal woodelf archers, painted, x20

270 Grenedier dwarves x15, painted

271 Rat Swarms

272 Skaven Packmasters, painted, x4

273 Skaven, painted

274 Corgi Airplanes, x4

275 Firestorm Armada rulebook

276 Warzone Rulebook

277 Old FOW rulebook

278 Wargods of Aegyptus

279 WHFB 6th edition rules

280 WM: Primal rulebook 1st edition

281 Ork deff dredds, metal, x2

282 Deadzone Boardgame

283 Necron Monolith, painted

284 Eldar Vipers x2

285 Eldar wraithlords x2

286 Imperial Defense Network set

287 Forgeworld: Chaos Lord

288 Dark Angels Master of the Ravenwing

289 Dark Angel vets and company banner

290 Tau Drones x10

291 Grey Knight terminators, metal, x6

292 Chaos Cultists x6

293 Dark Angel Terminators x6

294 Dark Angel Bikes x9

295 Dark Vengeance Space Marines x30

296 Eldar jetbikes x9

297 Fantacide rulebook

298 Millenium Falcon 3d puzzle

299 The Tub of DOOM!

300 Sternguard Box

301 Vanguard Box

302 Broadside Battlesuit Box

303 WM: Boomhowler and Co.

304 WM: Magnus Battlegroup

305 Demon Prince

306 Soul Hunter Novel

307 Treacheries of the Space Marines Novel

308 Heroes of the Space Marines Novel

309 Legend of the Space Marines Novel

310 Path of the Outcast Novel

311 Void Stalker Novel

312 Blood Reaver Novel

313 Metal Ork Burna Boyz x4

314 Ork Kannons x3

315 Metal Space Marine Scouts x5

316 Metal Ork meganobs x4

317 metal Ogryn x2

318 Space Marine Scouts x8

319 Chaos Lord

320 Chaos Lord

321 Imperial Missionary and 2 servo skulls

322 The Changling

323 Orc Warlord

324 Commisar Yarrick

325 Dice Sets x2

326 Cursed Company Blisters x2

327 Chaos Champion of Khorne

328 Black Orc Warboss

329 Nork Deddog

330 Confrontation Blister

331 Tanith Ghost models

332 WM: Eirys, Striker, Magnus, Kail Belok, Phineus Shae

333 WM: DevilDogs mercenary unit

334 Eldar Wraithguard box

335 Eldar Wraithguard box

336 Eldar Wraithguard box

337 Chaos hellbrute box

338 Eldar WraithKnight box

339 Eldar Hemlock fighter box

340 Eldar Hemlock fighter box

341 Chaos Rhino

342 Tyranid Haruspex bex

343 Tau Sun Shark box

344 FOW Rulebook

345 FOW older edition rulebook

346 Dust Warfare rules

347 WM: Primal Mark II rules

348 WM:Circle of Oroboros Forces book

349 WM: Tharn Bloodtrackers

350 WM: Ghetorix

351 WM: Circle Battlegroup

352 WM: Circle Battlegroup

353 WM: Circle tokens

354 Aracane Legions: Two player starter and 3 different cav boxes

355 Tyranid Raveners x9

356 DeathLeaper

357 Space Marine Terminators x13

358 Metal Tyrant Guard x2

359 Metal Hive Tyrant

360 Swarmlord

361 Genestealers x14

362 Tyranid Shrikes x3

363 Firestorm Armada painted Aquan fleet

364 Ork bitz and booby traps

365 Gretchin x 75

366 Painted ork warbikes x5, painted

367 ork barricades

368 Old ork buggies and trucks x7

369 ork zap guns x3

370 ork buggies and traks x3

371 bag of metal ork buggies and skortchas

372 Bag of WFB black orcs and misc models

373 ork bikes x10

374 metal gretchin x40

375 Malifaux: Undertaker crew

376 unpainted eldar guardians

377 metal hobbit models, non-gw

378 plastic clanrats

379 Dark Vengeance Tactical squad

380 misc. Necromunda models

381 Bag of Erector set parts

382 Goblin Kings Chariot and bitz

383 Big bag of metal WFB Chaos models

384 Metal skeleton archers

385 Halfling Hotpot crew

386 Metal dragon ogres x2

387 Juggernaut of Khorne

388 The White Dwarf (model, not magazine)

389 Bloodbowl Treeman

390 ratswarms x2

391 metal lizardman models

392 metal goblins

393 Goblin wulf riders x7

394 Wraithguard x5

395 Codex Eldar

396 Eldar Wraithguard box

397 Wave Serpent Box

398 Partially assembled Wave serpent

399 Dark Eldar Ravager, 4 venoms, kabalite warriors

400 6th Edition WFB Collectors rulebook.

401 Njal Stormcaller

402 Chaos Champion Dechalla the Cursed

403 two boxes Perry Brothers Russian Napoleonic troops

404 Dark Elf Warriros box

405 Late Republican Romans box

406 Skaven Night runners box

407 Dark elf Warriros box

408 Eldar Guardians box

409 LOTR Orcs

410 LOTR Easterlings

411 Imperial Guard Sentinel box

412 Imperial Guard Chimera box

413 Partially built Imperial Knight

414 Skavan Warlord

415 Necron Cryptek

416 Scenery bitz

417 Scenery bitz

418 Scenery bitz

419 Necrons and bitz

420 bitz bag

421 Decals

422 Codex Necrons

423 Chaos Space Marines

424 Space Marines

425 Malifaux: C Hoffman and Peacekeeper

426 Undead models and bitz

427 Ogre ninja maneater

428 Kings of War rulebook

429 Misc Fantasy Models

430 Scenery bitz

431 13 vor blisters

432 800 ct. box of highlander CCG

433 Warzone Paints

434 Box of warzone and misc. RPG books

435 2 pirates of the caribean boxes – 14 ships

436 Imperial Guard Battleforce

437 Imperial Guard Manticore, built

438 Commisar Yarrick

439 Lemun Russ Battletank, magnetized

440 All the Squad Leader there ever was

441 Teclis and Tyrion series by Williamon King

442 Malus Darkblade novels

443 Sundering Novels by Gav Thorpe

444 Xmen Monopoly Game

445 Xmen Underseige Game

446 1500 old, common, mtg cards

447 Batman Pewter Model

448 Spiderman Vinyl model kit

449 spiderman painted statue

450 High Elf Tower scenery piece

451 Demo Charge figure case

452 WFRP 1st edition softcover rulebook

453 Wabbit Wampage Boardgame

454 Diplomacy Boardgame

455 Risk 2210 Boardgame

456 Original Screaming Skull catapults x3

457 Original Screaming Skull catapults x2

458 Arachnarok spider, painted

459 Arachnarok spider, painted

460 Resin Seige equipment

461 Box of BigBugs: Carnifexs, Hive Tyrants, lictors, zoanthropes, etc

462 Big Bag of bugs: a couple hundred smaller tyranid models

463 Eldar Seer Council and Hawk Exarch

464 Eldar Warwalkers x2

465 Eldar Dire Avengers x20

466 Huge bitz bag

467 Metal ravenors x3

468 25 mm round bases

469 Chaos Night Lord Squad

470 Chaos Raptors, metal, x7

471 Tyranid Guants box

472 Dire Avengers box

473 Eldar Guardians box

474 Eldar Guardians box

475 Striking Scorpians box

476 Chaos Marines

477 Tyranid Warriors

478 Chaos Marine bikes x2

479 Ork Deathrolla on sprue

480 Ork Deathrolla on sprue

481 Ork Deathrolla on sprue

482 Kroot squad

483 Kroot squad

484 Valor and Snarl: dragons box

485 Uplift War miniatures

486 Animals of North America box

487 Super Dungeon Explore blisters

488 100 Kingdoms miniatures blisters

489 Showcase Comics used scenery: box of scenery or table

490 Showcase Comics used scenery: box of scenery or table

491 Showcase Comics used scenery: box of scenery or table

492 Showcase Comics used scenery: box of scenery or table

493 Showcase Comics used scenery: box of scenery or table

494 Showcase Comics used scenery: box of scenery or table

495 Showcase Comics used scenery: box of scenery or table

496 Showcase Comics used scenery: box of scenery or table

497 Showcase Comics used scenery: box of scenery or table

498 Showcase Comics used scenery: box of scenery or table

499 Showcase Comics used scenery: box of scenery or table

500 Showcase Comics used scenery: box of scenery or table

Game Swap - AUG 24th

Posted by ShowcaseComicsandGames on July 15, 2014 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Showcase Comics' Granite Run location will be once again hosting a Game Swap for all your misfit toys.

What is a Game Swap, you ask? Well, a Game Swap is when you bring in your unwanted models, game materials and other general doohikies that you don't want anymore, and Showcase finds new homes for them. In return for purging old stuff, you'll get  NEW stuff.

When: August 24th, 2014

Viewing starts at 11:00AM

Game Swap begins at 12:00 NOON


This one will be a bit interesting as we'll be moving the store in the next couple of weeks. Expect there to be some gaming tables and bundles of older scenery up for grabs. Our current shop has huge back rooms and we didn't have to worry about making tons of stuff, but need to trim things a bit now.


If you have things you want to put in, bring it into the shop and we'll add it to the sale list.